Arden Vul

Sarcophaguses? Sarcophagi?

Grimly would love this guy

“Gui-hee-hee-hee-vrel!” Sob. Shudder.

Sigh. And that was after Raven Maggie used that salamander god’s Staff of Healing to restore his sanity. Somehow Jasper remembered him as being a lot less whiny and a lot more tragically noble, or nobly tragic, or something. Plus he was only about three hundred years old! I was hoping for thousands. What a disappointment.

I figured Lankios had the keys to all of the mysteries of Arden Vul, or I would never have dragged them back here to find him. Well, he did have a literal key to the Obsidian Gates, hidden behind a brick in his penitent’s cell. That’s something. Jasper remembered that herbal stew he makes more or less correctly. Man, that stuff is vile.

Jasper didn’t know the old guy was a paladin, though, or any of his backstory — about the love triangle, or the double murder, or the triple divine curse that we somehow got stuck adjudicating. That’s a horrible thought, that even death can’t get you out from under. Khitor and Guivrel’s ghosts were stuck in those stone coffins for centuries, waiting for some random losers to come along and drop those brass tokens into their hands and free them for whatever their various gods have planned for them next.

Stone Coffins. That’s a good name for a band.

???? Whatever. I wonder if either of them ever used the Jade Cup? Maybe I’ll ask Lankios. Assuming Lankios is still alive when we get back to the Broken Head. And sane. And Grimly hasn’t convinced him to take a holy vow of silence or something.

Talk about your lost causes …

Oh. That was sooooo Jasper. Am I channeling? Can I do that? Or do I need a dose of the staff, too?



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