The world's first bionic monk


dodge missiles vs. petrification
saves for NO damage
punches do REAL damage
hit +5 is a stun result
target’s AC is % chance for lethal blow from weapons
not actually bionic

3rd level – speak with animals (not magical)
4th level – immune to ESP (30% chance)
5th level – immune to haste and slow
6th level – pretend to be dead

5’9" tall, 154 pounds

linen gown
woolen gown
heavy boots
woolen tunic
signal whistle
steel mirror

Troll-off Repellent?
2 magic weapons (max for a monk)
Spoke in the Wheel
Staff of Striking
3 other magic items (max for a monk)
Mantle of Fenth
+2 Amulet of Natural Armor


Former servant of Keko the Wise, captured by the Cult of Set, killed in battle with the false Ptarmes, raised by the Jade Cup (life-changing Near Death Experience).

Callista is a bit pale for an Archontean, but a bit dark for a Thorcin or a Wiskin. She tans evenly rather than freckling. With a little work she can pass in any of these societies, but none of them would consider her particularly attractive or eloquent (thus the low Charisma score).

She is currently working to establish a monastery in The Green Lady’s new town, Falaise, where she will foster the philosophy of the Jade Cup, as well as train those who wish to learn the extinct martial arts techniques that she calls the Jade Dance.

As the first monk of this age, there’s no one alive to train her. She learns through dreams and meditations, consulting the memories (either past or future, she has no idea) of those raised by the Jade Cup.


Arden Vul taterpatch