Alexia Basileon, aka the Green Lady

aristocratic woman of proud mien and complex politics


Raven black hair, piercing green eyes, and a slightly greenish hue to her face mark her as a member of one of the oldest aristocratic families of the Empire, possibly even of the Imperial family. She accentuates her striking appearance by wearing traditional white aristocratic tunics trimmed in emerald silk. Apparently a political rival of her brother, Iskander, who enjoys the title Lord Burdock. Lady Alexia is building a ‘new town’, called Falaise, near the base of the cliff by Arden Vul; she is assisted by a sept of the Knights of the Azure Shield.


Lady Alexia Basileon is the sister of Lord Burdock (aka Iskander Basileon). She has argued to the PCs that her brother has deprived her of her rightful inheritance within Burdock’s Valley, and has encouraged the PCs to locate the lost regalia of the archons of Arden Vul; with these she could contest her brother’s claims. She is also building a new town, closer to the foot of the valley, which she calls Falaise. She has offered the PCs the right to purchase plots of land in Falaise and to become town wardens; Wicktrimmer has taken her up on this offer. Keko the Lame, master of the Drome, has warned the PCs against Alexia. Finally, she also appeared at the moot at the Thorcin hall last autumn, where she articulated her claim to the valley as a Thorcin claim.

Alexia Basileon, aka the Green Lady

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