Tag: Thorcin


  • Callista

    Former servant of Keko the Wise, captured by the Cult of Set, killed in battle with the false Ptarmes, raised by the Jade Cup (life-changing Near Death Experience). Callista is a bit pale for an Archontean, but a bit dark for a Thorcin or a Wiskin. …

  • Samantha

    Smantha is a former goatherd and tavern wench. She followed Burris and his party into the ruins of Arden Vul, where they were all promptly captured by the mad Druid's baboon guards. Smantha was in the process of being sacrificed to the outlawed god …

  • Kronos Kettle-Belly

    Kronos and his Archontean lover, Estelle, run the Sign of the Broken Head, a fortified inn located in the ruins of the city of Arden Vul