Girdle of the Shield Maidens

“The Shield Maiden’s Belt”
Currently worn by Ülv Fire-Eyes (Bruntzilla) the belt is a beautiful piece of bear-hide, 3” wide, tooled until it is supple and etched with symbols of bears, boars, wolves, and, strangely, swans. It has a a magnificent golden buckle.

This belt gives any female wearer an automatic CHA of 17, and a +25% bonus to reaction rolls with any Skandiks (Wiskinga) she may encounter. The belt also conveys some protection, lowering AC by 1 as long as the wearer has not equipped a shield. A wearer is also likely to win the approval of Odin for her actions.BruntzillaTransformation.jpg

If worn by a man, the magic of the belt changes the wearer instantly and irrevocably (well, not fully!) to a woman (as with a girdle of femininity). The CHA bonus immediately applies, however. Only the intervention of a deity or some high level magic (wish) can reverse the sex change.

If the belt is removed, the charisma benefit is lost, but any gender change remains in place.

Girdle of the Shield Maidens

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