Mantle of Fenth

This item was taken from the same baboon-mad Druid as the Spoke in the Wheel. It is a cape, woven from the fibrous inner bark of birch trees, along with some strange yellow-white parasitic plants called Bear Corn that are known to grow on the roots of beech trees, and finished on the outer side with the papery leaves of the Copper Beech, known to be sacred to the old god Fenth. This makes it a difficult item to wear about town, as that old god is outlawed by the Empire.


When blood is dripped onto the cape in a simple ritual to Fenth, the Mantle “drinks” the blood (rather than leaving it all crusty and gross on the surface), and the wearer gains a substantial buffer of hit points, which are the first to be lost during combat.

Currently in the possession of the monk Callista, who wears it in place of armor. She is careful to “feed” the thing only with her own blood, figuring that’s at least LESS evil than sacrificing innocents as that crazy-ass Druid was probably doing.

Mantle of Fenth

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