Plot Threads

Some Loose Plot Threads

1. Alexia Basileon, aka the Green Lady
Alexia Basileon, the Green Lady (the Basileon clan is one of the Five Families)
Iskander Basileon, her brother, Lord Burdock

Alexia Assumes her ancestor, Uriel Basileon, hid regalia at time of collapse of AV
Ysabet Basileon, cousin of Iskander and Alexia – former fiancee of Exarch Valerian Krakteros. But a plot uncovered by Gedeon Ligareon, lord of Red Keep, revealed treachery, and the wedding was cancelled

Alexia is also starting a new town, Falaise, around the Keep of her sept of Knights of the Azure Shield. She has offered the PCs the chance to be named as Wardens of Falaise

2. Dwarves and doppelgangers
a. why did everyone want Jasper’s body?
b. is there a doppelganger lair in AV? What are their goals?

4. the Factors (merchant guilds)
Silent Factor: bitter enmity, as they tried to have you killed
Golden Band: neutral

5. Tharbrian Recovery League
Your stance on them has been neutral at best …
you revealed some of their plans and members to Lord Keko
but Wulfhere, lord of Moorleigh, is TRL, and you accepted him

6. Tikun Thane
-wizard in Tower of Ape, in Newmarket. Also seen at Forum of Set
-bitter enmity towards you. Working to kill you all.

7. Varumani of AV
a. Varboka is neutral to positive towards you – he is grateful for the map of the
route to level 5
b. Lishna the courtier – hired one of the hunters to attempt an assassination
c. Gog’s fate – where is he? What’s his status

8. Kaliyani
a. what’s their story? Where are they located? How dangerous?

9. Cult of Set
a. Keko the Lame asked you to investigate and undermine the cult
b. Stephania, high priestess
c. Set supports the spring ‘initiative’ of Nosnra, the hill giant chief

10. Melchior the Magnificent
-links to Lords of Justice
-need we say more?

11. Doffy the Rogue
-also connected to Lords of Justice
-has some connection to earth elementals
-is notoriously slippery

12. Lillian the Canon, priestess of Enna
– missing since the beginning of the campaign.
-kobolds of Thicket told you they gave her to the ‘beastmen’

13. Kerbog Khan
-has samples of the blood of many of you.
-where is he? What is he up to?

14. Lankios and his missing love, Guivrel

Plot Threads

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