Adventures in Arden Vul

Taking place in the world of Archontos, this AD&D 1e (or OSRIC) campaign has been running monthly for more than five years and something like 50 sessions. It takes its name from a tentpole mega-dungeon, a deep and foreboding pile into which the intrepid adventurers have made frequent sorties. And yet the pull of the world is still strong, as the heroes have also been drawn into politics, intrigue, and thievery in the bustling imperial exarchate of Narsileon, with its chief town (Narsileon) and smaller, frontier communities (Newmarket). Though their enemies are legion, the names of this hardy band have already begun to resound across the Archontean landscape!

In these pages you’ll find maps, adventure logs, brief character descriptions, a calendar of upcoming sessions, and a selection of wiki pages related to the campaign. For a slightly more detailed overview, click this link: Introduction to the World of Archontos.

The nice thing here is that anyone can add an adventure log, a character description, or a wiki page (I think), and anyone can start a forum post.

I’ll sweeten the deal, too! If you decide to write up an account of a recent adventure, esp. if it is sort of ‘in the voice’ or at least ‘in the perspective’ of your pc, I’ll award 250 xp for each log of at least 250 words. Similarly, if you want to develop a backstory for your character, I’ll award some XP for that as well. Of course, gaming shouldn’t be work, so if that’s not your thing, it’s fine by me.