Arden Vul

A little closer ...

Callista's internal monologue

Oh, my head hurts. What’s in that necromancer’s staff, lead?

Go down. Play dead. Wait for him to turn his back.

Oh, for Odin’s sake. They’re picking me up! So gross. I hate touching dead things. Should have thought of that — necromancers don’t waste raw materials — but it’s fine, it’s fine. With them jostling me around, I don’t even have to hold my breath to look dead. They’ll take me right to him. Just one moment of surprise, and once I get my hands on that staff, he’s mine.

What’s that thing chained to the wall!?!

This could be a problem. The zombies are dragging me the wrong way. Where’s that bloody paladin? If he turns the zombies, they’ll drop me right about … there. Then if he circles left, the priest will fade backwards to release the monster. He’ll have to step right over me. Yes, that will work. That’s it, a little closer …

NO, don’t attack the zombies! Ach! Amateurs!

Oh, my head hurts.


NIce! +250 xp

A little closer ...

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