Jasper Malachite

Dwarf Locksmith and Engineer


Jasper of the Dwarf clan Malachite generally wore leather armor and relied more on his speed than his strength, though he was clearly no weakling. On occasion he would use a Battle-axe, but he normally fought with the difficult-to-master Morningstar, a mace with a length of chain that allowed it to wrap around a shield or a parrying weapon. When he wanted to do more damage, he would quaff a Strength potion, or get himself Enlarged.

Jasper was also a marksman with the crossbow, though he preferred to engage enemies up close and personal. He was also trained in silent-kill techniques by his unit in the Dwarf army, the Knights of Smoke and Steel, but again preferred face-to-face combat.

His constant companion was a Dungeon Dog, a special breed unique to Dwarfhome, trained to sniff out shape-shifting enemies. Dungeon Dogs are 2 hit dice creatures, nearly large enough for a Goblin to ride, whose bites do 2d4 damage. This particular specimen, called Axe, preferred to let Jasper soak up the damage for a round or two and then deliver the killing blow himself.


Jasper’s main ambition was to set up an engineering firm to build “marvels” for the temples of the Empire. These were special effects statues that could use water or air pressure to move, leak various fluids, make noise, etc. (based on the real-world examples of Hero of Alexandria).

He died during a stupid fight with a teleporting toad demon in a temple behind the Wet Halls currently occupied by the goblin chief Wessky.

Axe the war dog will be greatly missed.992000__black-labrador_p.jpg

Careful as ever, Jasper’s Last Will was found in his possessions after his death.

After his death, it was also revealed that he was at least informing on the party members to his masters back in Kazildor. If the documents found hidden in his room at the Broken Head ( Jasper’s Notes) are to be believed, he was actually an agent of some sort, traveling the Empire to gather information. What use that information was put to, no one knows.

Jasper Malachite

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