Josselin Rinstock

Mayor of Newmarket


Mayor Rinstock is a hard-edged, practical woman of about 40, with shock-black hair, a prominent nose, and a piercing eye. She manages to juggle the interests of the Eight (the ruling council of Newmarket), while piloting a distinctly independent ship. Under her leadership, Newmarket has thrown off the lordship of Lord Burdock, declaring Newmarket to be a free city. Lord Burdock’s men, who inhabit the castle across the Swift River, are flummoxed by this brazen move, but have yet done nothing. The heroes rescued Rinstock’s son, Jonah, in an early adventure; one of the factors had abducted Jonah, but the PCs managed to foil their scheme to smuggle Jonah out of town on a boat. In return for putting an end to the Harvest menace, moreover, Mayor Rinstock granted many privileges to the heroes, including room in the Grain Hall (aka City Hall) and the tacit support of the Mayor’s office.


Josselin Rinstock

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