Keko the Lame

Spymaster of the Archonteans


Keko is the logothete of the House of the Sight in the Exarchate of Narsileon. It is widely known that the House of SIght, whose official duties involve travel and postal duties, is also the home of the Drome, or imperial secret police (whose special forces are known as the Black Lotus). Keko is a thin Archontean of about 60, with greying hair tied pulled back by a simple silver circlet. He favors simple black tunics, but walks with a noticeable limp and, therefore, employs an ebony cane carved to look like a tree branch. Keko’s demeanor is always courteous and polite, but there is steel beneath his pleasantries. In Narsileon it is common for mothers to scare their children with the words “Lord Keko is watching!”

The PCs have encountered him or his agents on several occasions. He initially tasked them to investigate the resurgence of the cult of Set. Most recently (session 31), he asked rather pointedly for an update on this matter. He proceeded to recount how his old ears have come to hear that the group has been contacted by a political refugee, the unfortunate. Alexia Basileon, who styles herself Lady of Arden Vul. He suggested it would be wise to treat with her only with the utmost caution, as her brother, Iskander, Lord Burdock, is a loyal citizen of the Empire and a valued advisor to the Exarch. Keko proceeded to note that his ‘little birds’ have been bringing him disturbing reports of a revival of the treasonous group calling itself the Tharbrian Recovery League. He asked the group to keep their eyes open for these traitors, and report all contact to him. He finally moved to what he called “a little matter of urban decay.”. “Perhaps you have heard of this disaster in the Wall district? A row of gentrifying houses destroyed by fire and forces unknown? It is most unfortunate, even if we don’t usually concern ourselves with affairs there. Still, do I have reason to believe you were seen near that location. Perhaps you can enlighten this old man as to the occurrences” To protestations about the evils of Melchior and Doffy, Keko waved dismissively, noting that “your private murders do not concern me. My concerns are the state, and his imperial majesty.” He denied any knowledge of Melchior or Doffy. He concluded by noting that he considered the group to be on probation. " Your next moves may determine whether I continue to offer you my glove in favor, or whether I replace it with the gauntlet."


Keko the Lame

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