Kerbog Khan

Loves machines


This clicking, rasping, stuttering entity is known to the party only as a voice. He/it commands (and perhaps creates?) beautiful automatons of metal, glass, and gems in the shapes of animals (dragonflies and perhaps others). These flit through the tunnels of Arden Vul, spying for him. He can communicate through them.

KK and Klimt are somehow known to one another. Likely they are both ancient. According to Jasper’s notes, he is also known in the Dwarf kingdom, and either lived there or had dealings with them in the past. They are actively looking for him.

The Empire in general is quite concerned with contracts, but those with Khan must be sealed in blood. Not written in blood. We don’t know what he does with it.

His laboratory is accessible via metal egg-shaped vessels that can travel down a waterfall. The eggs require a bronze rod to activate, but there doesn’t appear to be a limitation on the number of times a single rod can be used. Because of the lair’s location at the bottom of a very tall waterfall, it can be assumed that Kherbog Khan words deep within the bowels of Arden Vul.

Ally: ??
Employer: Once, to rid the caverns of the false Ptarmes
Enemy: ??


Kerbog Khan

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