Melchior the Magnificent

roguish mage


Melchior does everything with a flourish


Melchior first appeared bearing a writ from the College of Cinders, requesting Balthazar the Blue’s assistance in recovering a lost magic item from within Arden Vul. When the item was recovered, however, Melchior turned traitorous, and escaped with the staff, leaving Balthazar and company to fight for their lives. Due to this and other issues, Balthazar ended up geased by the Collegium to bring Melchior to justice. Balthazar escaped his geas through some shady side dealing with an entity discovered in the chambers of the ancient high priest of Thoth, who intimated to the Blue Mage that Melchior was now languishing in Hell. Investigation of Melchior’s mansion in Narsileon, however, showed that he had left a variety of traps for his rivals; what was worse, the staff was still absent. The traps and some ill-advised fireball spells led to the destruction of the mansion and several surrounding houses.

Melchior the Magnificent

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