Pyrite the Magician

biped of a thousand faces


Genius illusionist (due to reading an INT-enhancing book stolen from Tikun Thane)

5th level (bonuses are due to house rule on bonus spells for high intelligence on the wisdom table)
- 4 first level (plus 3 = 7 per day)
- 3 second level (plus 2 = 5 per day)
- 1 third level (plus 1 = 2 per day)
- 0 fourth level (plus 1 = 0 until he gets more experience)

- Feather of Maat: repels undead
- Eyes of Fenth (evil): True Sight
Amulet of Spell Turning

Robe of Blending (IM): Magical robes which communicate to the wearer its power. Anyone wearing the robe of blending is 75% unlikely to be detected if stationary, 50% in motion. The robe also allows the wearer to change self at will, as per the spell. Any person or creature friendly to the wearer, however, will see him or her as he or she really is.

-quiver with 24 bolts
Rudishva spear gun (d6+3 damage)

Polar Bear Cloak
Silver holy symbol: Garl Glittergold

Underground stuff; infravision 60’; +4 saves vs. poison & magic; -4 AC vs giant-sized creatures

Reputation as a Party Goblin in New Market (+10% to Carousing Experience)

Social Standing = Level x3; +10 mage; -10 goblin; +2 Mayor Rinstock; +3 Keko the Lame
New tattoo on face after 5th level carousing in New Market


Currently in residence at the College of Perception, crafting new illusion spells.

He’s a con artist, pure and simple. Very bright, relatively wise (not overconfident like a lot of his peers), he actually prefers the company of honest people most of the time. They’re much easier to steal from, and they tend to be less violent.

He’s not doing this for the thrill of it, either. He simply realizes that a goblin is not likely to get a fair shake in this world, so he feels no guilt about ripping off people who are more privileged but less intelligent. He’d gladly go legit if it were possible (or at least, that’s what he tells himself; we’ll have to see if it ever works out that way).

He confines his illegal activities to fictional identities, either borrowed momentarily, or built up over time. He never, ever, does anything illegal in his own guise. Goblins don’t get fair trials in the Empire.

College of Perception Contacts
- Helena the White
- Lilian Red Eyes (Tikkunos?)
- Imogen Faircloak (diary in Cinder?)
- Xenophon the Shifter?

College of Arcane Might Contacts
- Batina the washerwoman: met at Blue Emerald Inn?

Varumani Contacts
-Ashoka, Court Wizard
-Glyf the first adept (illusionist)

Pyrite the Magician

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