Tikun Thane

Sorcerer and bitter enemy


A power-mad pervert with the sorcerous ability to meld man to machine. He also is lord of the baboons. He maintains the Tower of the Ape in NewMarket and has been known to plumb the depths of Arden Vul for slaves, which he puts to unsavory uses.

He might be an ally to the Cult of Set in Arden Vul, or at least a member of their frequent shoppers club. According to Jasper’s notes, the Dwarfs know of him and had planned to insert a mole into one of his slave purchases.

His followers, the Disciplined, are clad only in a loin cloth with a metal plate on their heads. They follow Tikun Thane to the death, but do not react well to water and electricity.

He and the Disciplined are often accompanied and guarded by white baboons, similar to those found in a ruined tower near the ruins of Arden Vul. Some of these are much larger (the size of gorillas), four-armed, and occasionally talk, though it’s not much of a conversation — “RogRog smash!” and such.


A large conflagration, rumored to be the work of Balthazar the Blue damaged Tikunthane’s tower.

Ally: No
Employer: Probably no chance of that anymore
Enemy: Yes.


Tikun Thane

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