Ülv Fire-Eyes (Bruntzilla)

Ülv Fire-Eyes Female Weskin Berserker



When out of earshot, her companions call her Bruntzilla because she is a berserker, a sub-class of Wiskin fighters who are able to work themselves into powerful battle frenzies that cause them to act with fearless abandon, striking terror thereby in foes. Her nome de guerre is Ülv Fire-Eyes of the Leudes of Audun Strong-Arm, Jarl of Rissilka. She was born to the chief of a small fishing village as Ülv son av Krigs Eik son av Brann Brom.


Ülv appears a stunningly gorgeous Wiskin woman in her early twenties with pale freckled skin, long fiery unwieldy red hair and fierce green eyes. She stands just under-six feet tall, a lean and muscled fighter, whose ample bosom often seems to perturb her. For all her rough manner, Ülv is strangely charismatic, radiating a magical aura of raw sensuality, which often gains her unwanted attention, especially from Wiskin men who seem unable to take their eyes off her.

Unquestionably beautiful, even adorable, Ülv radiates danger and violence. Still loyal to a fault, trustworthy and noble, she is always unpredictable, wild and willful. She claims noble status (if only from a minor Wiskin lord), but has little to prove her rank and often finds herself in trouble defending her nobility. Ülv once killed a man for calling her “little princess.” While of average intelligence, because she lacks fluency in Archontean Ülv can come across as a little slow. In her native Wiskin, however, she is elegant and considered a poet of high standing among those who know her.

Ülv vacillates between being perplexed at her situation, to annoyance and rage, and can turn from a seemingly demure stoic girl to a violent killing machine in a heartbeat. Her rage and annoyance are often triggered by comments that she feels question her nobility, point out the assumed weakness of her gender, or have to do with troll kind. To call her darling, praise her beauty, or to mention her feminine charms is to risk death.

Ülv wears chainmail, a flowing cloak of snow wolfskin, lizard teeth and one ermine pelt. As a cap she wears a wolf head, which she has fitted atop an ancient Wiskin helmet, which is slightly to large for her head. Around her neck hangs a piece of flint given to her by the All Father, Odin, on which she has crudely sketched a fiery eye. She wields two well-used short swords, and she holds an spear that radiates power. While she can be quite dirty and in need of a bath, around her waist she wears a remarkably clean and delicately ladylike belt piece of bear-hide. It is three inches wide, tooled until it is supple and etched with symbols of bears, boars, wolves, and, strangely, swans. It has a magnificent golden buckle, and always seems to waft with the smell of lavender. Ülv is constantly pulling and arranging the belt as if it gives her untold discomfort.


Two decisive moments mark the core of Ülv’s character. First, until quite recently she was a man. During a rather run of the mill encounter, Ülv found and wore what she thought was a MaidensBelt.jpgbelt of strength, but turned out to be “The Shield Maiden’s Belt,” whose appearance is described above. Second, Ülv hates trollkin in any form or fashion, and will attack not only their kind, but anyone who deals with them in anyway besides trying to exterminate them. In late autumn about three years ago, a snow-haired woman and her band of trollkin killed Audun Strong-Arm, jarl of Rissilka. The white-haired witches name was Bodil, and the remaining trolls which Ülv did not kill are Ulf, Bjarte Grey-Mane, Einar, and Fiske. Bruntzilla swore an oath to hunt down each of the five, and give them slow and painful deaths.

Ülv Fire-Eyes (Bruntzilla)

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