Arden Vul

Our First Steps

GM: Rick
Players present
Chad – 1st level goblin thief, Wicktrimmer
Andi – 1st level halfling druid, Lobelia
Wes – 1st level human figher, Perrin
Mike – 1st level human cleric, Adric
Andi – 0th level human henchman of Lobelia, Ma’a

Players not present
Katie – 1st level elven ranger, Luna
Randall – 1st level dwarven fighter/thief, Jasper

We’ve left the spiders farms outside New Market with a mission to find Lillian, a missing priest of Mitra. In exchange for finding her, we’ve been promised three months of free healing at any temple of Mitra.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good day for our party. It started out well. We stopped by the hamlet of Thorham to meet the local acolyte of Mitra. While there, we learned that Lillian was visiting among the kobolds when she went missing. So, we headed to the Thicket, a magical forest halfway between Thorham and the ruin complex of Arden Vul.

We negotiated some information from the Green Fang kobold tribe, which allowed us to get some information on a missing priestess, Lillian. She’d been kidnapped by Trasco and his beastmen and taken to the Arden Vul dungeon complex. Technically, she’d been traded by the Green Fang chieftess, Brickyap, to Trasco in exchange for Trasco’s beastmen leaving the Green Fangs alone. We were however, successful in securing the freedom of Lillian’s two men-at-arms. This was accomplished by acknowledging the kobold’s dominion over the Thicket. The two men-at-arms, Sam and Jim, wanted to go back the Thorham, so we escorted them.

We forged on to Arden Vul. On the way, we encounter a rather arrogant knight of the Azure Shield, so we pretty much ignored him and went on our way to the base of the water fall.

Rather than climb the 500’ to the cliff top, my goblin, Wicktrimmer, found a shortcut that would come in handy later.

Once on top, we scouted out a small portion of the surface ruins, our druid, Lobelia, chatted up an ancient oak, and we found an inn for adventurers operating just outside the ruins.

Trading our knowledge of the shortcut to the cliff top for information on parts of Arden Vul, we thought we were ready.

Instead of heading in the obvious front door, we took a back route. Along the way we encountered some beastmen who were highly organized and well armed. Rather than fight them, we negotiated with them and asked for info on their goddess, Dano.

Once they retreated we heading down the stairs, and into trouble.

As we cautiously explored the first room, we rousted a nest of stirges. The fight went ok, except that my goblin successfully stabbed himself for half of his total hit points. We eventually vanquished the odoriferous beasties, but we were wounded.

We went up to the double doors and Lobelia and Wicktrimmer squeezed through, leaving Ma’a, Perrin, and Adric, all humans and too large to fit through the opening, to guard our backs.

Lobelia and Wicktrimmer advanced cautiously about 30’ before spotting some giant centipedes and quickly retreating back to the first room.

After a brief discussion, we tried another door, on the west end of the room. There were four large spiders running about their webs in the room. Brave Sir Perrin, a human fighter, thought he could take them. Unfortunately, he was wrong. The spider’s venom dropped him like that (he failed his saving throw). Luckily for the rest of us, the spiders decided to feast on his corpse.

Lobelia grabbed an oil flask from Wicktrimmer’s belt and tossed it on the spiders. She then grabbed Ma’a’s torch and gave Perrin and the spiders a Viking funeral.

That’s where we stopped for the evening; saddened and surprised by Perrin’s sudden passing.

Overall, it was a pretty good session. There was a lot of exposition at the beginning, but things started flowing once we entered Arden Vul. I don’t care for the Save vs. Poison or die mechanic. If we’d had even 15 minutes we could have run him back to the inn for a chance at healing or an antidote.


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