Jasper's Last Will

Last Will and Testament of Jasper Malachite

I, Jasper Malachite, one of the People of the Stone, from the great hold of Kazildor, do implore my comrades to honor these, my final wishes:

-Axe, my faithful war dog, should be cared for by Pyrite until such time as Axe shall select a new master. He will know the one. You would do well to trust his nose!

-Since what comes from the Stone must return to the Stone, I ask my comrades to ensure that my body is returned to Kazildor. Yet, acknowledging that DwarfHome is far and the journey Hard, it will suffice to deliver my hardening body to Approved representatives of the First Shaper. Such a Representative may be found in Newmarket by Inquiring at the Prosperity Factor and Providing the following pass-phrase: “Stone Seeks Stone.” Or else my corpse may be returned to the embassy in Narsileon.

-My lifeCompass, Infused with the Soul of Kazildor, must accompany my Body. Stone to Stone.

-My equipment, and Enchanted items pass to the hands of my recent companions. Let these objects aid my comrades in their ventures, such that the Grain always be Smooth and the Vein always True.
-to my Wife, Egberta, I leave Fond memories of a pleasant Weekend, and the sum of 75 gold coins.
Stone to Stone.

Jasper malachite

Jasper's Last Will

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