Magic Items

Arden Vul is teeming with magic. There might even be more magic items than beastmen. Here’s a list of the ones we’ve encountered.

The Cat Statue
The Camel Statue
Cloak of Shadows
The Handheld Lightning Thrower of Vindication
The Jade Cup
Plants Bane
Horn of Draugr
Scarab of Protection
The Polar Bear Cloak
Feathers of Maat
Eyes of Fenth
Robe of Blending
Glyph Plaques
Horn of Chaos
Friendly Defender Rings
Demon Hide
Flask of Black Liquid
Necklace of Invisibility
Necklace of Breathing
Amulet of Djed
Girdle of the Shield Maidens
Rudishva Helm
Spoke in the Wheel
Mantle of Fenth

Everybody add what they remember/have written down. If Rick wants to add ones we haven’t encountered yet, so much the better.

[Rick: cool idea, Chad. I like it. I Think there’s ways I can add stuff but hide it from players if you don’t have it yet. It might also be good to have a list of teh stuff, with holders]

Magic Items

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