Newmarket Players' Guide

What you know about Newmarket

Population: 3237

I. Government
Newmarket is a ‘free city’, with a charter from the imperial bureaucracy allowing it a measure of self-governance, at least within its walls. This fact has incensed Lord Burdock, who would like nothing more than to add the growing town to his list of subjects. Government is by a council of nine aldermen (called, paradoxically, the Eight), who elect one of their number to serve as mayor. Only the propertied – drapers, shopkeepers, masters of crafts – are eligible to vote for the aldermen.

A. Mayor
Lord Mayor Josselin Rinstock (F), draper. -Josselin has been able to pressure her fellow aldermen into reelecting her for the previous ten terms (10 years) Reason? Lord Burdock’s encroachments

B. the Aldermen, aka The Eight:
These councilors are typically important merchants/craftsmen elected for for 3-year terms. The current council is composed of the following:

Yesom Barnesbury, miller (17) – aged, bitter, prefers harsh penalties
Jana Brit, butcher (115) – middle aged, suspicious, resents Rinstock
Idris Hevol, merchant (21) – local representative of Golden Band, newcomer
Carteth Nees, draper (33) – wealthy draper; suspected front for Benevolent Brotherhood
Jevron Gar (126) – high priest of Harmakhis; cold, ambitious, pitiless
Dupree Lowe (86) – weaver. Friendly, amiable, non-judgmental
Kendrik the Chaser (106) – silversmith. Tharbrian. Bored. Full of crazy schemes
Teftig Hurrow, ex-farmer (104) – manages Farm Cooperative, advocate

II. Power centers and factions within the town
1. Mayor Rinstock (73)

2. The Eight

3. Jubal One-Thumb (147) – innkeeper in the Outs; crime lord; slaver
Jubal runs a well-known-if-officially secret gambling den and gladiatorial pit in the basement of his inn. Very popular with all, from slumming bourgeois, to down-on-their-luck adventurers, to the poor eager to see some blood. Gladiatorial matches are arranged in advance according to a) outcome (defeat or death), b) style (fists, weapons, what type of weapons), and c) stakes (money, objects, slavery)

4. the Town Watch (7, 110): 140 men and women, divided into 10-person patrols. The Watch possesses two barracks: Bridge Barracks (7) and Main Barracks (110)

Patrols: seven are assigned to the seven gates of the town, of which
-two patrols are assigned to the city-side of the Bridge of Truth (7)
-one patrol, divided into five-person units, walks through the town on a regular beat
-two patrols are kept in reserve at the main barracks (110)
-two patrols keep peace in the Grain Hall (99)

5. Lord Burdock’s Men: Lord Burdock controls Newcastle (1), across the swift river. Burdock also maintains, by custom, a barracks in the city (76). The chatelaine is currently Marta Gray. The castle is served by five knights, 15 sergeants, and 30 men at arms. One sergeant and five men at arms are to be found at location 6, collecting tolls. Sgt. Bladoe and 20 men inhabit the barracks (76). Currently the Sgt keeps a low profile; he also watches the lower chain

6. Farm Cooperative (104)
This is an association of farmers from the region around the city. It provides lodging and auction assistance at the Grain Market

The cooperative relies on Teftig Hurrow for legal/auction assistance

7. Factors

Silent Factor (83)
Golden Band (18, 21)
Prosperity Factor (82)
Wisdom Factor (72)

8. Temples:
major temples include those of Enna (122), Luctus (123), Shipri (124), Shalpa (125),
Harmakhis (126), Mitra (127), Ils (128)

9. Towers: three towers are found in the city (46, 77, and 102)
-Tower of the Mage (77): politically active mage
-Tower of the Ape (102): strange cries and whoops; baboons
- the Red Tower (46): apparently without entrance or window; red brick; it arrived suddenly, crushing two bourgeois residences to dust

10. Additional Magi- Klimt’s Tent (90)

11. Mercenaries Guild (66)

12. Order of the Azure Shield (22) – a chivalric order, mostly of Archontean aristos

13. Black Lotus HQ (location?) – the special-ops branch of the Drome, under leadership of Keko the Lame in Narsileon. Greatly feared

14. Benevolent Brotherhood – empire-wide organization of thieves and criminals; local chapter run out of draper’s establishment (33)

15. Lords of Discipline (location??) – a splinter branch of the Benevolent Brotherhood, recently arisen in Narsileon. A few rumors have a cell implanted in Newmarket, too

III. Economic Basis and Forces:
Newmarket is a trading town, and a center for temples and craftsmanship. It is the destination for the small scattered communities of the valley. This means that it is mostly devoted to goods and services.
Silent Factor (83)
Golden Band (18, 21)
Prosperity Factor (82)
Wisdom Factor (72)
Upper Market (100)
Lower Market, or the Arcade (134)

IV. Trade Connections
To the west: grain, agricultural produce (from farm thorps, Thorham, Beretun, Ulfham, Bilsham)
To the east: wood, charcoal
Upriver: Deepton, a mining village (ore, metals)
Downriver: trade with Narsileon

V. Inns and taverns
Black Walnut Inn (2) – outside city, opposite Newcastle
Imperial Standard Inn (71) – just off the upper market; most elegant/expensive in town
Blue Emerald Inn (98) – near Golden Gate
Goblin’s Neck Inn (135) – near Temple Gate
Jubal’s Inn and Stable (147) – in the Outs
Mermaid’s Song – tavern by docks
Medusa’s Gaze Bar and Grill – by Death Gate
Numerous other small ale ‘tents’ in markets and smaller houses.

Newmarket Players' Guide

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