Archontos – capital city of the Archontean Empire, located on MIthruin

Arcturos – city on Irthuin, seat of an Archontean Exarchate

Arden Vul, city – formerly a small Archontean city dominated by imperial govt and big temples

Arden Vul, dungeons – massive complex dug beneath city of Arden Vul

Bedric’s Landing – fly-speck ‘town’ of fisherman, miners, and navy personnel on Iron Isles

Borealios – Archontean world for northern continent where Wiskinga live

Burdocks’ Valley – now inhabited by Thorcinga, but an important Archontean site in antiquity

Grain Islands – chain of large islands east of Archontos; known for halflings and agriculture

Iron Isles – semi-tropical islands that produce significant iron ore

Irthuin – large continent west of Mithruin; home to Thorcinga and Shen/Khumus

Mithruin – small continent, location of Archontos

Narsileon – city on Irthuin, seat of an Archontean Exarchate

Newmarket – small town in Burdock’s Valley, about a week from Narsileon

Ostralios – Archontean world for tropical jungles to the south

Storm Point – a villa near Narsileon, owned by Alexios Hestales

Wine-Dark Sea – the seas surrounding Irthuin


Arden Vul rebarton