Spoke in the Wheel

The Spoke was ‘recovered’ from a mad Druid who had set up the headquarters of his baboon army not in the Tower of the Ape (that would be too obvious) but in the Hall of Justice, near the Library of Thoth.


As shown, it is a graceful carving from a single piece of polished wood, source unknown. Whether there are other Spokes, and what Wheel is being referenced, is one for the sages at this point.

“Spoke” may have a double meaning, since the thing apparently talks to its new owner, Callista the monk. Unlike Plants Bane, noone else can hear this “voice,” so perhaps Callista is on the same path as that Druid. In any case, according to her, the Spoke has an over-riding interest in the whole Good / Evil thing. Evidence in favor of that interpretation is the fact that nobody else could pick it up.

The Spoke appears to be connected to the Archontean goddess Beytnorn. Its powers include bonuses against both Good and Evil creatures, as well as the ability to Detect Alignment. The weapon can also serve as a Defender, bettering the bearer’s armor class at the expense of its to-hit bonus.

Spoke in the Wheel

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